Teaching Philosophy and Classroom Behaviour Management Plan Essay

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Griffith University Personal Philosophy of Teaching and Learning
A classroom is a very dynamic and spontaneous place. Every classroom is comprised of a diverse combination of individuals who all contribute to the unpredictable nature and uniqueness of the class. The reality that no two students are alike and no two classes are ever alike, contributes greatly to the difficulty of establishing a realistic and effective classroom management plan. It is important that teachers realize that a classroom is an unpredictable place and that it is much more reasonable to strive to manage their classroom as opposed to trying to control it. I see my role as a managing teacher as
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Students should be given choices when it is at all possible and they should always be treated with respect. Rogers presents a number of very useful and reasonable suggestions for successful behaviour management. By combining the ideas from each of the theories that best suit my classroom situation I hope to be able to create a learning environment that not only makes my students feel safe, but also inspires them to be creative and allows them to learn to their maximum potential.
In order to allow for optimal learning there are a number of other issues which must be addressed including gender issues, bullying and inclusive education. While growing up my older brother got bullied a lot. As a result of these experiences I have always had a serious opposition to any and all types of bullying. When I become a teacher I plan to establish a no tolerance policy for any and all types of hurtful behavior. I will discuss bullying with my class and through role play and group discussions make them aware of the issue. It also is extremely important for teachers to remember that boys and girls are different. They learn differently, they behave differently and as a result have distinct needs in a classroom. Unfortunately with so many female teachers at the primary level the education system is becoming feminized and boys are being left behind. As a female teacher at the primary level it
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