Teaching Phonics And Teach Phonics

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One of the tasks required by teachers’ is to teach children to read and write, with this comes different approaches that teachers’ need to be aware of. Phonics is one of the approaches adopted by teachers when teaching children to read and write. Adopting different methods of teaching phonics its what makes teachers effective, and adaptive. This essay aims to look closer at phonics and some of the different approaches used to teach phonics in the classroom. Phonics approaches that will be discussed in this paper include synthetic phonics, Analytic phonics, Linguist phonics and Word building.

Phonics is a method that teaches reading and writing of the English language. It aims to enhance investigation into sound-letter relationships, and the understanding of the alphabet (Hill, S., 2012, p. 241). It attempts to do this by developing learners’ phonemic awareness. Phonics is used to assist learners with the decoding of words. Phonics is valuable as without this understanding of sound-letter relationships, being able to read is unachievable. However, it is not the whole part of learning to read and write.Gough, Hoover and Peterson state (cited in Damianou, 2016, p. 128) that a ‘child who cannot decode cannot read; a child who cannot comprehend cannot read either”. Understanding what readers are reading is also a very important role and should not be overlooked. Research has found that there are six elements that benefit children who are starting school that must firstly be
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