Teaching Pilots Safety First

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The loss of human life in an aircraft crash is tragic. This is particularly true for military applications, where many hundreds of hours and many millions of dollars have been spent on training. There is also the very real risk of crippling damage to the aircraft from enemy attacks. In the beginning, pilots abandoned their aircraft by simply opening a hatch and jumping out. Obviously, this is a dangerous situation, and as aircraft became faster, this method became more and more dangerous due to wind velocities. It is also quite difficult because of pilot disorientation and unfavorable forces in out of control aircraft. Hence, it is very desirable to have some sort of system to allow the pilot to escape in an emergency situation. Ejection seats are unique and complex devices designed to allow pilots and / or other crew members to be lifted out of the aircraft to a safe distance and allow the user to safely descend to the ground. However, ejection seats are part of a larger system referred to as the “egress system”. This is the total system which allows the pilot to escape and it includes components such as ejection control systems, emergency life support, and canopy / hatch jettison system. The ejector seat system consists of a number of main components:
This component is used to shoot the seat upwards out of the aircraft before the rocket propulsion…
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