Teaching Plan for Diabetes Mellitus

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Teaching Plan for Diabetes Mellitus HOME Who am I? Interesting Articles Helpful Hints & Links Publication Guidelines Advertising Info Contacting Me Visit me at work at Lehigh Valley Wellness Center by Louise Diehl, RN, MSN, ND, CCRN, ACNS-BC, NP-C Nurse Practitioner - Owner Doctor of Naturopathy Lehigh Valley Wellness Center Before you begin your teaching plan be sure to define the characteristics of the clinical site and patient population. The teaching plan should be customized to this population. This is a sample teaching plan that you can use and customize to your needs. You may want to design a pre-test and post-test to give your patients would are attending the teaching program. Based on…show more content…
This continued education can take place as needed on a one-on-one basis and can be included with the routine office visit or at a separate time that is convenient for the patient and health care practitioner. The teaching plan can be tailored to the needs of the patients who will be attending the classes. It can be tailored to the patient’s abilities, developmental stage and learning styles. The teaching plan can be a combination of lecture format, handouts, videos, powerpoint presentations, demonstrations and group discussion. The fee charged for the teaching program has to be determined by the person, group or facility offering the teaching program. Many insurances do not reimburse for this type of education. This has to be taken into consideration with the intended audience. Teaching Plan for Diabetes Teaching Plan would include 6 evening or day classes consisting of 2-3 hour sessions of education and group discussion. The topics and discussions would be as follows. Day 1 General overview of Diabetes (2 hours) Day 2 Blood glucose monitoring and goals of blood glucose monitoring (3 hours) Day 3 Medications and Insulin (2 – 3 hours) Day 4 Complications from Diabetes (1 hour) Skin and Foot Care (0.5 hour) Exercise and Diabetes (1.5 hour) Day 5 Diet and Diabetes (2 hours) Coping with Diabetes (1 hour) Day 6 Questions and Answers (1 hour) Review of any concepts requested by patients (1 hour) General Overview of Diabetes Patients with
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