Teaching Plan for Npo Patient Essay

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Teaching plan 1 Running head: Teaching plan for NPO patient Teaching plan for NPO patient Dona Hubbard Hampton University NUR-327-01-F07 Georgiana Bougher and Brenda Rhea November 3, 2007 Teaching plan 2 The purpose of a teaching plan is to educate a patient about treatment, medications, diet, or any procedure that pertains to their care. If the client is educated then there is a better chance that they will be compliant with the instructions for their care. The nurse gathers subjective and objective information about the patient utilizing patient assessment. The nurse then uses this information to assess if there are any limitations to learning. The learning objectives are taught using affective, cognitive,…show more content…
Is he able to perform fine motor tasks with his hands? Affective involves beliefs, values, and attitudes. It's helpful for the nurse to ask: Is the patient Teaching plan 3 motivated to learn and change his behavior? Can the team identify the barriers to learning and address them so successful learning can take place? Does the patient recognize the need to learn? How do the patient's values from his social and cultural background influence his motivation to learn? Can he be an active participant in learning through listening, learning, and non-verbal communication? Is he anxious? Is the patient distracted by his environment (AORN 2005)? When the nurse can ensure these questions are answered, only then can a proper teaching plan be designed for the patient. Your patient is more likely to follow his treatment plan if he's been involved in the decision making and knows the plan has been tailored for him (AORN 2005). Listen when he tells you what he can't or won't do and modify the plan to accommodate his preferences and lifestyle (London 1999). To assess what your patient has learned and determine whether he needs more teaching, ask openended questions or have him explain what he's learned (Redman 2001). If you're teaching him a skill, have him demonstrate it for you. Use repetition to reinforce what he's learned and provide additional facts (London 1999). Using these skills to educate your patient can
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