Teaching Practices For Student Centered Teaching Essay

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Educators in secondary education public schools have adopted new methods in the delivery of instruction as a response to the increase in the number of students per classroom, the increase in ethnic diversity among students, and the inclusion of special education students in general education classrooms. These methods include collaborative teaching practices that incorporate a joint effort among educators to ensure that students gain a more productive and effective learning experience while in school. Not only would collaborative practices be ideal for student-centered teaching, but it would also be beneficial to educators as a collaborative experience may give teachers insight into alternative lesson planning approaches, offer opportunities for teachers to try new co-teaching techniques, and allow teachers in different content areas to share knowledge. However, collaborative practices may also become problematic if educators have incompatible personalities, are unable to develop clear communication, or lack administrative support. Through interviews with a special education English teacher, a Spanish language arts teacher, and the principal at the Bronx High School for Medical Science, an analysis of this school’s implementation of collaborative teaching was conducted to identify central aspects that promote successful collaborative experiences for educators.
A. Portrayal of the School An effective learning environment can only be produced if educators work towards
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