Teaching Profession As A Career Choice Of Mine

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Being from a long line of teachers did nothing to encourage the teaching profession as a career choice of mine. I saw how hard my father, grandmother, and grandfather worked and how little recognition they were given for that work. I witnessed countless hours spent grading student work and leaving meaningful feedback. I saw my adult family members pouring over textbooks like students preparing for the next day’s lessons. I noticed that this was not a job that one is able to clock out of or leave at the office for the next day. I realized that the money while enough to live on, was not enough to do the things I wanted to be able to do in my life. From my seat as a student, I saw how the meaningful feedback that had taken hours to give was often unceremoniously dropped in the trash on the way out of class. Reviews of the lessons that had been meticulously planned were tossed around at lunch alongside phrases like “what was the point of that?”. I also witnessed the things that students put teachers through on a daily basis. These were not things that I wanted for myself. At seventeen my life was put on a trajectory in the opposite direction that I had envisioned for myself, and I have never looked back. My junior year of high school I was slotted to have the meanest teacher in the district. Mrs. Mulford was the the honors English teacher and the most terrifying human being I have ever come across to date. To say I was nervous would be an understatement. I was a straight A

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