Teaching Profession

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CHAPTER 2 Lesson 1: The National Competency-Based Teacher Standards Synapse Strengtheners Tell something about the teacher in the classroom and in the community by completing this acronym: T – TRAINER E – EDUCATOR A – ADVISOR C – COMMITTED H – HONEST E - EXPERT R - RESPONSIBLE Reflect on the teacher as she goes about her task in the classroom and in the community. In what way is he/she ... A piece of iron – A teacher who is strong and firm. A well - A planter – A teacher who is interested in his/her studetns germination. A gardener – The teacher should be patient with the seedlings because no matter how much water or sunshine they receive, they are all individuals and grow at their own rate in their own way; no two are the same. A…show more content…
The purposes of the Foundation as amended in 1975 are: 1. To undertake any public and/or private charitable, relief, educational, social welfare, cultural and scientific activities and/or researches and the results of such researches shall be available to the public on a non-discriminatory basis, unless the granting of an exclusive right is the only practicable manner in which the patent, copyright, process or formula can be utilized to benefit the public that such researches shall also be directed toward benefitting the public; 2. To help meet the needs of the people in the socially-depressed and other areas all over the country with the end in view of assuring their total development as individuals including, but not limited to, increasing their level of income; 3. To render technical, medical, and socio-economic aid and assistance to deserving and less-privileged citizens in the rural communities; and, 4. To assist in implementing the objectives and worthwhile projects of the government or other civic associations, including that of the Knights of Columbus, such as, but not necessarily limited to, helping the transfer of technology and industrial development to the countrysides. Some foundations/organizations that donate any of the following for the schools. Scholarship Program for the Mindanao Advanced Education
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