Teaching Public Middle School Music

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As I am now in a place of solaced reflection within my doctoral studies, I often see the transcendence, parallels, and even the unfortunate problems that stem from establishing teacher leadership. Granted, I can go forever and a day about what I observed and the leadership skills I cultivated while teaching public middle school music. However, the chance to view some of the scenarios and transformative events as explained the various texts, articles, and other resources has allowed for different points of relevancies and epiphanies during the course. Specifically, aspects of my views on the constructs of school reform, the promotion of a cohesive learning environment, and the overall definition of school leadership have changed or have at least been impressed upon by the contents of this class. The presentation of these constructs will allow for a brief view of the changes that took place in my wonderments in teacher leadership. Initially and still relatively concrete in thought, I sincerely felt that the leadership within the school hierarchy started with the principal and branched down all the way to the core teachers, specialists, and support staff, establishing that whatever the aims and jurisdictions set forth by the principal overtly shaped the nature of a school’s approach to reform and learning expectations. Additionally, teachers were expected to operate in their specific roles to advance those expectations set forth in large school staff meetings that planned
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