Teaching Public Middle School Music

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As I am now in a place of solaced reflection within my doctoral studies, I often see the transcendence, parallels, and even the unfortunate problems that stem from establishing teacher leadership. Granted, I can go forever and a day about what I observed and the leadership skills I cultivated while teaching public middle school music. However, the chance to view some of the scenarios and transformative events as explained the various texts, articles, and other resources has allowed for different points of relevancies and epiphanies during the course. Specifically, aspects of my views on the constructs of school reform, the promotion of a cohesive learning environment, and the overall definition of school leadership have changed or have at …show more content…
Moreover, the use of smaller PLCs could lead to the cultivation of Fullan’s (2006) premises to his teacher reform change theory which includes motivation, capacity building, learning in context, changing context, tri-level engagement, and persistence/flexibility in staying the course. Before I left my last middle school band position, I did see a push for this type of colloquial planning implemented by that school year’s administration and it was observed as being effective with our school; the students had buy-in with the reform, teachers were able to address and manage potential issues brought up in the PLCs, and administrators were fair in incorporating and enforcing the proposed mandates. This led to a more positive school environment for teachers to better lead in their own way.
The material from this course also looked upon how effective teacher leadership could affect the constructs of an overall learning environment. For the most part, Katzenmeyer & Moller (2009) addressed much of the areas in teacher leadership building and brought up several points that I either saw in the lens of reflection or possible implications of practice in higher education. The
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