Teaching Questions On Classroom Practice

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For instance, the teachers gave a report that large assessment data were not aligned adequately with the daily instructions to be specifically helpful in informing classroom practice. However, in other reports, teachers said that this information obtained through systematic review of results of students’ performance was very useful. These variations in the conceptions of teachers concerning data could be explained, partly, by variations between educational contexts. Therefore, use and selection of relevant data must be put into consideration relating to educational context.
Lesson 3: Teachers require guidance in translation of data to useful information Many teachers have no formal training on drawing meanings from data. A brief course on analysis skills and research, although helpful, is not enough; the teachers need a well-defined process, enough time of acquiring guidance and skills from experts over time. Translation of the data into goals, priorities and the strategies demands that data are linked to decision-making processes and school planning, in a way that particular questions are answered, the school goals supported and the problems identified.
Lesson 4: There exists benefits and barriers to successful data use to improve achievements of students The benefits: the planned use of data is not a rare characteristic among those schools that perform highly in terms of achievements by students. Using data to enhance educational decision-making leads to changes in the…
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