Teaching Roles and Responsibilities Essay

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I am currently in a teaching role in various disciplines and with different groups of Learners.
For this assignment I will be describing my role, responsibilities and boundaries with a group of learners who are employed at a factory in Gateshead, these learners are working towards a qualification in Fabrication and Welding,

1. Identify Needs
At first contact with the learners I introduced myself and briefly explained why I was there and then asked them each in turn to introduce themselves and briefly explain heir job role. After initial introductions I started to explain in more detail the requirement for each of them to achieve the above qualification, which is to confirm their knowledge and competentance to carry out engineering
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My role primarily is that of Trainer /Assessor,secondly as co-ordinator/ administrator .I am responsible for accurate completion of documentation, assessment material and quality of training.

3. Delivery
First of all as a Trainer I am responsible for the safety of each learner, to make sure that the training facility is adequate, safe and condisive to learning.
The practical training will be carried out 1 to 1 using the”Demming Cycle” type approach (Plan Do Check Act) or Watch Do Learn .Each learner will plan to join metals by welding, produce a weld, visualy and physicaly check the integrity of the welded joint then act by changing the machine settings or the method and repeat this process. As Assessor I am responible for making fair assessment decisions on the learners competance, one of the boudaries when I make the decision is that the learner is proficient on their own and can repetedly produce acceptable work without me doing it for them. 4. Assessment
Once each learner has reached a level of competance to meet the standards I will help them to provide evidence of their performance and knowledge.
The learners performance will be recorded with assessor observation reports and photographs of the work produced all authenticated with the learners signiture.
Feedback will be given to each learner orally and rocorded in their I.L.P.
Evidence of knowlegde is provided by written answers to question papers,
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