Teaching Sacrifice Research Paper

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At some point in your life you're going to hear or have heard a story about sacrifice. It will likely be intended to encourage you to work hard for something you desire. It will likely encourage you to work through tough times as you strive to be successful. It will definitely make you feel good about what you'll what you accomplish comparison to what you gave up.

"Can it really be called sacrifice if what you are doing really for you?"
It seems that we never really talk about sacrifice as what it really is, that is giving up something that we love or really desire for the greater good. We talk about sacrifice as giving up something we want now for something we really want later. To me that is delayed gratification, and while it may benefit others it is really about us... Can it really be called sacrifice if what you are doing really for you?

I raise this question because I think there is a value in teaching sacrifice. I think as parents we are in a unique position to teach it. If we are truly engaged in our role as a mom or dad, then teaching sacrifice should be an extension of who we are.

I am a huge fan of Norse mythology
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The oldest was the great wolf Fenrir, The second was Jormungand the giant serpent, and the third was his grim daughter Hel. These three children were of great concern to the gods. Odin was quick to decide What would be done with the younger two children. It was decided that Hel would be sent to the underworld where she became the death goddess. Jormungand was cast into the ocean where he encircles the world biting his own tail. With Fenrir the gods agreed it would be best to take him to Asgard where they could keep a close watch on him. As he grew, however, the gods realized they could no longer keep him in their home he would be come far to dangerous. They also knew that he couldn't be set free to roam the world of mortals, so they decided to try to bind him with chains and
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