Teaching Session Is Necessary For The Risk Of Future Strokes

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1. Student identifies need for client teaching and what the teaching session is going to deliver. Teaching session is relevant to client’s needs.
Pt presented on admission with a TIA (transient ischemic attack) and is put on a strict regime of anticoagulants and I’m there to provide information about this new anticoagulant medication (clopidogril PLAVIX) because anyone who has had a TIA has an increased risk of having a TIA or stroke in the future, especially within the first 48 hours after the TIA. The treatments discussed above can significantly reduce this risk. In addition, lifestyle changes and careful management of underlying medical problems can help to reduce the risk of future strokes.

2. Plan of teaching is stated. Scope of
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This could include information from the client or family member (if at home) 4. Principles of adult learning are identified. Relevant items/props/ equipment are used during the teaching session.
Principals of adult learning: There are six principles
•Adults are internally motivated and self-directed:
•Adults bring life experiences and knowledge to learning experiences:
•Adults are goal oriented:
•Adults are relevancy oriented:
•Adults are practical:
•Adult learners like to be respected (QOTFC, 2005)

Props = Drug(Plavix) information sheets (betterhealth, 2015), Queensland health stroke safe panflets and smoking australia panflets. 6. During role play, student demonstrates the use of principles of therapeutic communication:
- introduces self, - explains procedure etc. to client - clarifies understanding - prepares environment - eye contact - demonstration 7. Does the client understand what is happening? Can the client follow through on any instruction?
- How are you going to measure the learning outcomes?
Ask if they have any questions, ask to tell me what they are going to do and if they understand the repercussions.
- What delivery methods are you going to use?
I will use a direct approach at bedside whist maintaining reassurance of discharge from hospital.

8. Script:
Beginning: Hand hygiene, Introduce myself “Hello
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