Teaching Sex Educational Subject at School Should Be Done or Not

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"Teaching sex educational subject at school should be done or not" A review on philosophical and educational perspective

The issue of incorporating sex education in schools of Malaysia is still debatable. Some parents think sex education in school is essential to Malaysian youths to reduce sexual related social problems. While a greater section of people still believe that it is unnecessary to slot in sex education as a separate subject in schools, as rudiments of sex education in schools are already included in a subject called social and reproductive health studies. Though it has been introduced indirectly to Malaysian Secondary School and Primary School few years back, but
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In Malaysia, the Cabinet ministry has permitted to introduce “reproductive and social health education” in the school curriculum after years of consideration. 160 pages of guidelines were produced by Ministries of Education and Women, Family and Community Development. The guidelines covered varied topics related to sexuality which included topics like contraception, kind of touching that is permitted, risks of online predators, teenage crushes, sexual orientation and HIV/AIDS.
Malaysia is at present moving more into a superior and more urbanized territory. Equivalent to development and evolutions, several challenges should not be overlooked such as gap in family relationships and separation as well as societal and environmental problems. Regrettably, children and teenagers are among the most susceptible and exposed to these kind ill challenges and threats. The subject and its impact on children and young folk are of main concern at present to the Malaysian government such as increasing rate of HIV/AIDS , escalated reporting of sexual violence against children and adolescents with sexual abuse, juvenile crimes and many more. In such a situation, parents need to take part in their roles to furnish their children with sex education. Though, commonly parents are rarely seen as sex educators of the children because they are unwilling to discuss sex related topics with their children.
Considering the upsetting
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