Teaching Skills And Classroom Knowledge

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1. Allison is a freshman at a college in Delaware. She plans to be certified and teach in Delaware. What course of action must she take? Be specific. (3 pts) • Allison must first graduate and obtain a bachelor’s and obtain a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree. • Completion of an education accredited education program. • Student teaching is then required. This will provide Allison with a chance to observe her mentor teacher at work as well as the opportunity to receive guidance as she directs the class in learning. • Allison must then complete the Praxis 1 exam which measures basic skills in reading, writing and mathematics. • Complete Praxis II exam which measures knowledge of general specific subjects related to K-12 teaching skills and classroom knowledge. • Finally, Allison must apply for certification. 2. In 1954, a major change to our education system was made due to social impact. Explain what happened and provide a response on how schools would be different today without this reform. (2 pts) In 1954, the Brown v. Board of Education began the elimination of segregation in schools. If the Brown v. Board never happened, there would still be segregation in schools today. 3. Danesha is a new teacher. She understands teachers progress through professional phases. Identify the four stages and provide a brief description about each stage. (5 pts) • The pretraining phase: Personal experiences and the attitudes developed before enrolling in any
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