Teaching Skills Are Essential For An Effective Teacher

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Pedagogical skills are essential for an effective teacher. According to Killen (2015), teaching skills is a crucial part of a qualified teaching. Various teaching strategies can assist differential students gaining a knowledge (Conklin, 2010). For example, using rules and routines can establish a particular learning environment (Harris, 2014). Moreover, Hansen and Moore (2011) claim that direct instruction can stimulate the interaction between teachers and students. Therefore, applying diverse pedagogical strategies into class can improve the effectiveness of teaching. In this essay, the focus will be on discussing three teaching skills which are rules and routines, explaining and questioning. In addition, there will also be a number of reflection of my practices in teaching. Rules and routines are primary part of a classroom teaching. According to Marzano, Marzano and Pickering (2003) and Konza (2001), setting rules and routines in classroom will enhance a better teacher-student relationship and lead into an effective teaching and learning without interruptions. Conversely, if there is no rules and routines, teaching and learning could not be process in such a chaotic classroom (Hansen & Moore, 2011). Here is a comparison of my two practices. When I had rules and routines in my first practice, the classroom environment is suitable for learning. However, the second practice I forgot setting rules and routines, as a result, students interrupted me by calling my name,
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