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Teaching speaking skills 2 - overcoming classroom problems Submitted by TE Editor on 16 February, 2004 - 13:00 This article is written for teachers with large classes of students who have encountered some of the following or similar problems during speaking activities in their classroom. * Why should we teach speaking skills in the classroom? * Motivation * Speaking is fundamental to human communication * Dealing with the arguments against teaching speaking skills * Student's won't talk or say anything * When students work in pairs or groups they just end up chatting in their own language * When all the students speak together it gets too noisy and out of hand and I lose control of the classroom *…show more content…
If you are shy about speaking in English, how can you expect your students to overcome their fears about speaking English? Don't worry if you are not completely fluent or don't have that elusive perfect native accent, as Swain (1985) wrote "We learn to speak by speaking" and that goes for teachers as well as students. The more you practise the more you will improve your own oral skills as well as help your students improve theirs. When students work in pairs or groups they just end up chatting in their own language. Is the activity or task pitched at the right level for the students? Make sure you give the students all the tools and language they need to be able to complete the task. If the language is pitched too high they may revert to their L1, likewise if the task is too easy they may get bored and revert to their L1. Also, be aware of the fact that some students especially beginners, will often use their L1 as an emotional support at first, translating everything word for word to check they have understood the task before attempting to speak. In the case of these students simply be patient as most likely once their confidence grows in using English their dependence on using their L1 will begin to disappear. Are all the students actively involved and is the activity interesting? If students do not have something to say or do, or don't feel the need to speak,
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