Teaching Status Report Essay examples

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Teaching Status Report

After the wondering, dreading, and preparing, I am teaching in a middle school classroom. I entered the school feeling very ready. After weeks of studying, discussing, and writing about topics related to teaching, I was ready to implement my learning. During my first week I started by simply observing my cooperating teacher. From this observation, I have formed many opinions and views on my teacher’s approaches to classroom management and other topics. In regards to classroom management and discipline, my cooperating teacher is a naturally confident and strong-minded individual. When he walks into a classroom, he commands attention and even his peers feel obligated to listen to his powerful voice. Due to
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During homeroom on my first day at the school, my cooperating teacher explained to me that at least half of his students do not know their times tables and that he and the teacher who teaches English and social studies to the students were working to figure out which students have an IEP and need to be in an inclusion classroom. I was shocked when I heard this. I am still confounded by the fact that during the change from elementary to middle school, IEPs are not kept track of and students with learning disabilities could be struggling in classrooms where their needs are not met. I hope this problem is resolved quickly so that students are not wasting a school year stuck in the wrong classroom. Although there may be some students who do not belong in this classroom, I am enjoying working with every student in the classroom. In relation to behavior, personality, and learning behaviors of my students, no two students are alike. Some students are incredibly shy and detest speaking aloud while some raise their hands at every chance and even call out answers. Some seem to have completely given up on school and spend their days distracting other students while some students listen intently and appear to have a genuine love for learning. I think the diverse personalities I get to interact with are one of my favorite aspects of JPE so far. When I was told I would be teaching in an urban school I thought I would be
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