Teaching Strategies And Teaching Techniques Essay

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Desire to Improve or Experiment With Teaching Strategies and Teaching Techniques My classroom was a mixture of cultures of African, Asian, Hispanics and African Americans. Culturally they all are disciplined differently, how can I execute behavior management techniques that encompass collective cultures? Cultures have different ways of disciplining and when classes are exceptionally diverse behavior management administered in a different way is necessary. I learned that every discipline method does not work for different cultures. For example, disciplining my Asians students took me saying I would call home if the behavior did not stop, the other cultures needed different discipline techniques.Therefore, I researched discipline methods culturally and developed my behavior plan for disciplining my diverse students based on the various cultures in my classroom. Desire to Explore the Relationship Between Your Beliefs and Your Classroom Practice How can I give all of my students the same attention, but in different ways, e.g. my highly motivated students need attention as well as my average and demotivated students. My personal philosophy is students academically below par, excluding language difficulties, learning deficiencies, etc. lack the motivation to succeed due to an ineffective teacher, neglect by the teacher to assess why and develop a plan to motivate the student to learn or a student that has continually been programmed by use of negative remarks to feel they
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