Teaching Strategies For Students With A Learning Environment Suitable For Learning Essay

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Teachers are always creating new ways on how to engage and motivate students to do their work. As an educator, I have to be constantly changing my teaching strategies to meet the diverse needs of the students and establish a learning environment suitable for learning. In order for teachers to become leaders, they have to keep educating themselves professionally and implement new teaching methods to enhance the learning of the students. In addition, effective teachers have to implement activities that are meaningful to the students and if the activities do not meet the need of the students, then they need to be adjusted to improve the performance of the students. As an educator, I am guilty sometimes of not adjusting activities to meet the need of the students in the classroom because I run out of time doing other school duties. In this essay, I will emphasize my plan for continual improvement emphasizing the activities from my Individual Learning Plan that I have not completed, results analyzed from two surveys, and future SMART goals that must be accomplished to enhance student learning. One activity from my Individual Learning Plan, Part 1 that I have not yet completed is Student-led review sessions with my English Learners. In this activity, students are supposed to work in groups to create review questions and each student should ask at least one question related to the material he or she does not understand, and try to answer a question raised by another student.
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