Teaching Strategies For The Teaching Strategy

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The teaching strategy begins with the use of direct instruction. I stated in a previous paper, “direct instruction teaches a “base”, one that is required for indirect instruction” (Hitchcock, 2013). Once that base is developed, teachers can begin to use student centered (As Gary Borich mentions, indirect instruction teaches items such as concept learning, inquiry, and problem solving through more involvement (Borich, 2011). It also allows for the development of other skills that are connected to critical thinking (Braley, Layman, White, 2003) by using strategies such as cooperative learning, group discussions, and divergent questions.
Another benefit of indirect teaching developing the necessary higher level thinking skills students should develop by forcing students to think about answers, not simply parrot off answers or regurgitate information given in class. It requires students to take bits of information to assist in creating their own responses and learning to use items to defend arguments. All of this, each and every benefit from these types of instruction plays an essential role in accomplishing my personal educational philosophy.
Teacher-Learner Relationships Using these strategies and developing the desired milieu is important. That I believe is not something that many people would debate. However, I personally feel as though these axiological beliefs are not possible without first developing a relationship with my students. My desire is to have my
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