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The age group I have is 6-7 year olds, when it comes to little kids learning new things, you have to do it where you know it will interest them. Kids now a day’s which always like to learn new things but if it don’t interest them they will not be into it to learn. It’s almost like you are doing what they want you to do just to get them to learn. Sometimes you have to do what the kids like if it is going to benefit them. When it comes to teaching kids about literature and different techniques they can use to get them to learn the information or more so do what you want them to, here I talk about three different strategies that the kids would love and it will keep them wanting to read more and more.
Drawing pictures that they like out of
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They need to tell the class why they would or would not recommend this book to their friends to read.
The kids can even create a talisman; they would have to create a meaningful talisman that has to do with the character of choice. There are three different steps to creating the best talisman ever. Here are a few questions the children can answer or and also make some up of their own, the longer the better. 1.) The child must select a character that intrigues him/her; the child must explain what this character is like, what motivates him or her. Is there any type of object that reminds you of this character? 2.) Think of the heritage that this character might be, did they do any different roles or rituals that made you pick that culture for that character. 3.) The talisman might be a concrete object or the child could design their own abstract of one. The child must give insight of the nature for which the character is. A talisman is very symbolic the child has the choice to expand their horizons. I picked this because it is not writing a book report but it is taking one main object out the book and telling different things about it. I think all these are very good strategies to have kids reading on and on. Reading not only enhances your ability to read but it helps in so many other ways like enhancing your imagination. It is true that little kids believe that most characters in the books are not real but it is all based on how your imagination is and how far you
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