Teaching Students With Different Levels Of Academic Talents

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Teaching students with different levels of academic talents can be a very difficult task because there are students who can be really smart and others who are really challenged in the classroom. To be a “poster teacher” for teaching academically diverse students is a great honor. You have to be able to challenge the gifted students as well as help to educated the students who are struggling. They have to learn how to ask the correct questions instead of questions that are demeaning. They have to focus on positive aspects of eduction challenges instead of the negatives. They have to focus on the needs of each student as an individual. They also have to have principles that promote success and achievement. The purpose of asking different questions than what is typically asked is to prevent discrimination towards students with learning disabilities or diversities. The typical questions can be pointed towards a specific students disabilities and cause them to feel like an outsider. The new questions this teacher poses put their disabilities and diversities in a new light. The students will be able to put a new perspective on what they are dealing with. And because the teacher took responsibility for helping her students how they needed, her students will be able to progress exponentially in her classroom. The specific questions this teacher asked were tweaked so they no longer asked about how to fix the negatives, but shine the positives. This teacher specifically
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