Teaching Students With English As Their Second Language

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Question: #5A
Course Name and Instructor’s Name: EDUC 886 Assessment for Learning
Teaching students with English as their second language comes with its own set of challenges. To effectively teach I first need to understand what the students already know. Through my class Assessment for Learning I was taught not all assessments yield the same information. Formative assessment guides instruction because it is a quick snapshot which identifies what the student has mastered or still needs to work on. Summative assessments are what we stereotypically think of as a test, they are graded and measured to let us know if a student has met a benchmark or standard. When I first started teaching, I corrected homework and did exit slips not realizing how important they were. Now they drive and guide my teaching. These formative assessments are the foundation of the next lesson or small group work.
At this point in my career, formative assessment is the majority of my job. I begin my year by observing students and taking notes about their language skills in the areas of listening, reading, writing and speaking according to the WIDA Can Do Descriptors (2007) to assess their productive and receptive language levels. There are three levels of language; word, sentence and discourse (Bailey and Carroll 2015). The word level refers to vocabulary usage. Students may use single, simple words or more technical vocabulary and phrases depending on their proficiency. The sentence level refers to the
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