Teaching Students With Particular Learning Needs

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Teaching Students With Particular Learning Needs: Case Study This case study involves a male student with juvenile arthritis who has two younger brothers who also have this condition. This individual wants to be a pilot. The parents are supportive of this student's plans for his future. This study will answer: (1) what is the impact of having a disability and what might be the different perspectives of stakeholders involved in the inclusion of students with special needs? and (2) What can be learned from listening to the voices of those with disabilities? This study will develop a 'mind map' to synthesize and critique some of the issues learned through listening to the voices of those with disabilities. Finally, this study will answer as what resources are available to inform teachers? It is reported that a girl was banned from a public Catholic school, the girls was disabled and it was stated that her parents faced accusations of presenting a threat to the mental health of her teachers. Morgan Webb Liddle has cerebral palsy. The teachers at Sacred Heart College took legal steps that were of an "extraordinary' nature to bar the child from the Catholic school based on their feeing "stressed and harassed." (Lee-Potter, 2013, p.1) The teachers at the school filed a notice with the principal under the Occupational Health and Safety Act. Morgan was ordered to not attend school and her parents ordered not to contact the school. According to John Harding, Head of Cambridge
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