Teaching Students With Quality Assessments

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Introduction Education is a field that is constantly evolving and as teachers it is important that changes are made to be as effective as possible. Curriculum mapping, planning, and assessment building have been topics at the forefront of many conversations in the field of education. As teachers have become smarter about their field, they have made instructional and assessment changes that benefit students learning needs. The assessment practices we use in the classroom should be used to promote student learning (McTighe & O’Connor, 2005). As educators it is important that the goals we have are used to support the learning in all students. Providing students with quality assessments can help students be successful in the learning process and help change their belief about learning as a whole.
Assessment Beliefs Prior to this course, I believed that assessments were used to end a unit and signal to students that we were moving on. I believed that pre-assessments were practically useless and only gave them to students because my specialist asked us to. I thought that taking grades based on things like attitude and classroom behavior was an acceptable way to assess student learning. Before this course, I could not write a test without help from my team leader or create a rubric. It was extremely difficult for me use assessments as a learning opportunity because I never viewed them that way. As I began learning things in this course, it became increasingly important…
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