Teaching Students to Understand Reading

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The central focus of my learning segment is to learn about the relationship between cause and effect, sequencing, and timelines. As we near the CRCT, the students need to be able to describe the relationship between causes and effects. The students will also be able to write their own sentences and stories using different cause and effect strategies. The learning segment will be broken down into four different days, the first day will be focusing on finding cause and effect relationships in literature, the second day will use historical contexts for cause and effect and sequencing, the third day will use science to explain why sequencing is important, and the final day will focus on how personal behaviors can have different effects on the classroom and school. Each day my lessons will delve deeper into the meaning of cause and effect. By the end of the week, my students should be able to explain how their own behaviors affect the classroom and school. The students will work on building their own stories using different cause and effect signal words.
With my students, I know that many of them do not understand cause and effect relationships. I know that they understand that sequencing can be important, but they do not understand what happens if you do not follow sequencing perfectly. My students will learn how cause and effect relationships are seen in literature, social studies, and science. They will also learn about cause and effect relationships in their daily life. I
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