Teaching Style Of The Instructor

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Each teacher is different no matter what the course subject is. When I find myself in a new class with a new professor I seem to notice the little details that make up the teaching style of the instructor. In total I have four classes all of which are part of Chattahoochee technical College. Two of those classes take place at the Paulding Campus and the other two take place at the North Metro campus. I take my American Government class at the North Metro Campus every Tuesdays and Thursdays. Every Monday and Wednesday I go to the Paulding Campus to take College Algebra. These two professors differ in more ways than just the subject of their course. My American government teacher is pretty cool. He has a very fun way of teaching. By cracking jokes and making cheesy remarks on every chapter, he always succeeds at making his class an interesting one. Every lecture does not even seem like one. I always look forward to sitting in the front of his class ready to learn everything. However, my college algebra professor is, with all due respect, a more old-schooled instructor. He does crack a few jokes from time to time but he’s mostly serious. He is very focused because in math one flaw, no matter how small, can cause the answer to be wrong. His way of teaching is quite interesting as well; not only does he teach the class the easiest way to solve a problem, he also teaches the class the harder way. Every student is different so the line between the ‘easy’ way and the ‘hard’ way
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