Teaching Sustainability For Children : A Transdisciplinarity Inquiry

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Teaching Sustainability to Children: A Transdisciplinarity Inquiry

Debby Flickinger
California Institute of Integral Studies

I was inspired by my own transpersonal experiences as a child, as well as an adult noticing the need for an improved curriculum (in which area, be more precise here). The purpose of my creative project is to engage children in holistic, nature-based, learning experiences to become cultural leaders and ecologically mindful members of society. Children are the future, and the time is now to start them on a journey of sustainable learning. Research has shown that when families become more involved with schools, the students in those schools do better. The creation of afterschool programs has spurred such changes in communities across the country. I found there is a need for this type of curriculum because most school programs have only supervised play and homework assistance. A sustainable education for children would foster and promote future cultural leaders for a better tomorrow.
Keywords: education, children, nature, schools, sustainability, transdisciplinarity, ecological literacy.

Transdisciplinary Retrospective:

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