Teaching Technique For Students With Learning Disabilities Essay

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My research started by observing the teacher leading the After School Action Program (ASAP) in which I volunteer. Teaching methods were administered to all students to include students with disabilities. While conducting my observation, several questions arose which lead to my research. Finding the appropriate teaching technique for students with learning disabilities will benefit all level students which will inevitably help in filling the gap within the general education system. First, I will discuss my observations to explain what happened and how the teacher used different approaches on students. Then I will explain how these observations were fundamental in my research. Finally, provide a few examples of teaching methods that were proven effective in inclusion process. Because of this, I am understanding more of the teaching approaches being used to achieve the desired outcome. Ultimately, this observation will help me better prepare for my future endeavors as a special education teacher. During multiple observations with the teacher, there have been a few techniques that were implemented to enhance students ' learning experiences. First, in problem-solving issues, the teacher will ask the student what approaches they will use in order to solve a problem. Another approach the teacher implemented was having the students attempt their own theory, even though the teacher knew the theory was incorrect, the focus was not to achieve the right answer but for the student
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