Essay about Teaching Techniques for Different Learning Styles

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Teaching Techniques for Different Learning Styles

As teachers we will be faced with many difficult tasks one of which will be finding creative ways to motivate the children in our classes to learn. There are so many teaching techniques it may be overwhelming for new teachers. With the emphasis on test scores and the “No Child Left Behind” Act many teachers may fear being creative in the classroom. This paper will attempt to explore some creative teaching techniques.

Recently there has been much discussion about different learning styles. As teachers it is important that we try to teach to all the styles in order for the children in our classes to be motivated to learn. Flexibility and creativity can aid teaching different learning
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Some Tips for teaching auditory learners are:

- Read instructions for assignments and tests out loud
- Verbally explain charts and graphs
- Brainstorm with the children
- Have students work in small groups
- Use music

Music is an excellent way to increase language skills in auditory learners. Teachers can have the children write their own songs and use songs and rap as poetry to teach reading.

Kinesthetic learners make up fifty percent of the population. Some tips for teaching kinesthetic learners are

- Have the children make their own charts and graphs
- Have plenty of opportunity for the children to “do” for themselves
- Provide ample time for students to move around minimizing time sitting and listening
- Make sure the children have some time to work out their energy (through recess or physical education)

Science is an excellent area for kinesthetic learners. In reading teachers can have students act out stories. Teachers should try to have as many hands on activities as possible to encourage these students to perform to their full potential.

The most difficult thing for teachers to do is to balance the 3 styles to ensure that all students will feel motivated to learn. Teachers need to find a way to tailor their teaching styles to fit all types of learners in their classes.

All children will benefit from being exposed to the different teaching styles that accompany the different learning styles.
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