Teaching The Next Generation : A Successful Teacher

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Teaching the next generation is undoubtably a highly daunting requirement. This niche of people in our society are highly responsible for the intellectual growth of these younger individuals who will eventually become the forefront of humanity. In many ways, it is not actually the politics, leading minds in science or even parents who will have the greatest impact on kids but rather the teachers at public and private schools. I have always wanted to somehow share my interests and fascinations with the world, so in many ways, why not teach? The rewards extrinsically are relatively satisfactory with decent pay and a high position of prestige among the community. However its the intrinsic rewards that I consider the most important, I get to…show more content…
Neuroplasticity is the changes that occur in the organisation of the brain as a result of an experience stimulation from the environment. This all takes place within the cerebral cortex, the primary personality, logic creating part of the brain that makes us ‘human’. To put it simply it is the brains ‘behaviour and ability’ to reshape and reorganise its neural pathways. During adolescence the brains ability to reorganise and ‘evolve’ is much more pronounced which is the reason why kids are so adaptable to new methods of teaching and gathering information. It is during this stage where the human brain is most mouldable and can react very quickly to environmental stimuli. Neuroplasticity and environmental stimuli have a positive feedback system, such as one will reinforce the other. Kids are able to utilise advanced digital technologies and constantly gather this information while focusing on multiple tasks at hand. The learning environment that kids will experience helps shape neural pathways and also the cognitive processes that include logical and analytical reasoning. Before taking this unit I had the belief that kids are just like adults except being more emotionally unstable, immature and lack many differences to the adult brain. Having this new understanding will be most useful for my future career, some the activities and functions I will do will be able to take advantage of this higher neuroplasticity enabling my students to gather information
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