Teaching : The Position Statement

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Part IV: The Position Statement (Week 2=red; Week 3=orange; Week 4=green, Week 5= blue, Week 6=purple.)

Many people believe that teaching is a very challenging career and wonder why people would go into it, but then I realized there is no career that will make me happier than the teaching profession. Since my child hood, I have been fascinated by my fourth grade teacher Ms. Amo-Dako and her dedication and love for her students, and I desired from then on that I wanted to be like her. However, being a part of someone’s life to bring a positive change is fulfilling and the passion to be the one who affects a child’s being in order to make difference in the world draws me to the noble profession.
As an aspiring teacher, it is my intent to accomplish a teaching practice that will foster progressive growth of my learners. My goals here are to encourage my students to think critically and bring out the creativity in them by way of incorporating different learning approaches and ideas such as: interaction, hands-on activities (kinesthetic), visual, and experimenting. In his philosophy, the teacher becomes a partner in the learning process, guiding students to independently discover meaning within the subject area. This has become an increasingly common idea in the present day classroom. The classroom learning becomes teacher-student centered.
This approach depicts the progressive concept of John Dewey. Dewey believes in pragmatic learning which is centered on practice and
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