Teaching With A Reformed Worldview

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Please provide succinct answers to the following questions: (separate page is requested)
1. What does teaching with a Reformed worldview mean to you?
Teaching with a reformed worldview means that I am sharing God’s love to children.
As a Christian teacher, I find a great joy sharing stories about Jesus and talking about God to the young children. I learned so much by working with children and I often think about how my faith should resemble children 's faith towards God. Christian Education provides opportunity to show the beauty of the world that we are living and the pleasure of exploring the creation of God. Children grow mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically in Christ. My passion is to teach children so that they can have a Christian world view based on the Bible, to think and act like the Scripture teach. I believe that teachers have been given a special opportunity: to touch lives.

2. What aspect of your professional training/experience has prepared you the most to be a kindergarten teacher?
My student teaching experience in Dutton Christian as a student teacher has equipped me to teach in the kindergarten setting. I love working with young children because they are in their years of greatest curiosity. Also, I have taught kindergarten in the summer. Kindergarten teachers can bring joy and beauty, mystery and delight into the hearts of little people.

3. How would you prepare students in your 3-day kindergarten class to be ready for 1st grade?
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