Teaching Writing : Balancing Process And Product Essay

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The second chapter in Tompkins’ book, Teaching Writing: Balancing Process and Product, Tompkins talks about the different writing strategies that teachers can implement during the writing process. In my opinion, these writing strategies are especially important for young writers, due to the fact that the process in extremely important when beginning to write. Tompkins supports this belief what she writes, “Even the youngest writers can learn to apply writing strategies” (2012, p. 34). These strategies help writers monitor what they are doing in order to ensure that the final product has been completed to the writers’ best ability. At a first and second grade level, however, some strategies may be too complex and may confuse the students. The goal for teaching at this level should be to have the students generate ideas, organize the writing, and proofread and reread for errors in either grammar or in content. This being said, I do not mean that the other strategies cannot be introduced, but teachers should not spend an ample amount of time showing the students how to elaborate or format papers. To me, it is essential for young writers to evaluate their own progress and now when they have made errors so that they are not relying on teachers, this early on, to fix mistakes for them. Another part of the text that I feel is extremely important when teaching first and second grades is the way in which teachers should introduce these writing strategies. Teachers “think aloud to

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