Teaching for Cultural Diversity: A Reflective Paper

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Reflective Paper: Teaching for Cultural Diversity July 06, 2012 Reflective Paper: Teaching for Cultural Diversity Topic 1: What does it mean to be other in Australia? I am very proud Australian native that happens to be able to speak two languages. Most people would call this special ability bilingual. However, as someone that has grown up in the country, I don't not take both back grounds lightly and most certainly do not agree with the idea of having to just forget about my first language and culture. For years, I have lived in a house where various kinds of food were eaten. We spoke different languages and also had all types of music to listen to. My grandparents adored me and to them I was there little one who loved to talk to them in their native language. As I grew older, I had some issues with my language but in the end I was still considered to be an Australian and was very proud of it After reading the first Australian by Bell Vidal, it suddenly dawned on me how I could relate first hand when it comes to trying to assimilate into a culture. The Dominguez family in the article was so similar to my own. A like those, my family in Australia either by choice or by condition, fell into the group of migrants who incline to hold onto their cultural individualities. But even if my family had actively tried to assimilate there probably back then in those days was not such a thing as a 'complete' assimilation to be possible for first generation migrants who come from a
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