Teaching in Australia

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Teaching: Complexities In Teacher's Work In Australia The objective of this study is to discuss important complexities in teacher's work. According to Churchill, et al (2013) The commitment to teaching brought to the studies and careers of teachers confirms that today's teachers and teachers previously genuinely love to learn and have a great desire to teach. Churchill et al (2013) states that this "deep commitment to humanity and making a difference in the lives of the next generation are among the qualities of people drawn to a career in teaching." (p.4) Some students are able to recall the teacher that transformed their lives and as stated by an experienced teacher and teacher educator "Whatever the situation the influence teachers have on their students I long lasting and can be profound. Good teaching makes a difference in the lives of children and young people." (Pugach, 2009, p.1 in: Churchill, et al, 2013, p.4) The experiences of students in the classroom result in children discovering their potential for the future and in acquiring the necessary knowledge as well as the skills needed to follow their dreams for the future as well as in their development of "beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors toward society." (Church, et al, 2013, p.4) Churchill, et al states that teaching as a profession in the twenty-first century involves the "apprenticeship of observation." 2013, p.5) Teaching in the present also is characterized by both "continuity and change". (Churchill, et
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