Teaching is an Enormous Responsibility Essay

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Teaching is an Enormous Responsibility

A teacher’s philosophy defines who he/she is and how his/her classroom will be managed. A teacher has to be in control of every situation plus at the same time treat his/her students with kindness, understanding, and as an equal individual in society. The students should be able to depend on their teachers for guidance, intellectual stimulation, and to be to be treated as an individual. The philosophy employed by a teacher will create who they are in their teaching methods and how well student will be able to learn and apply the subject area to their lives.

There are many methods for teaching. Many of these tie into the basic philosophies of education. My personal
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This helps all to be able to think deeply, analytically, flexibly, and imaginatively. In other words, perennialists are good problem solvers. A teacher will use this philosophy to enhance the young minds of their students. The students will also open their minds to new thinking strategies and reasoning to life situations.

Existentialists believe individuals should take responsibility in everything that they do or say in a classroom or even in the environment around them. I believe if everyone followed this philosophy, we would have a better world. Existentialists also believe that individual contact between students and teachers should be often and open. Honesty is always the best policy.

Finally, I believe in behaviorism, because human nature is the product of the environment. Every person, place, and object we come into contact with influences who we are and who we will become. Behaviorism shows that we do and do not have control over our lives. All educational philosophies depend on a person to voice their beliefs. There will always be philosophies in the world, people adopting new ideas, and people believing them all. Each individual has their own unique view of the world and their own unique beliefs.

Teaching is an enormous responsibility to myself, the students, and all others that I may influence. A teacher is a critical part of a young person’s life since they are in
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