Teaching the New-Learner

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The new-learner is an emotionally and hormonally driven person, whose influence lies within their socio-emotional status. They are driven by social and media influence more than ever with the increased availability of information on technology. The new learner has to face a wider range of challenges compared to the learner of ten years ago, from the technology boom to the availability of information from the cyber world and from the education system. The question that comes to mind has the socio-economical world changed enough in order for the new-learner to adapt to the increasing standards for knowledge? With the education system been under scrutiny, is a matric nearly enough. It is a well-known fact in South African education that…show more content…
The youth of today are becoming a bit more information smart, mainly towards more adult information and yet they stay uneducated to other topics outside their interest levels. This has been seen during classes where learners are ignoring topics outside the popular topics. The lack of interest in topics covered have caused some of the teachers to become agitated at the lack of work ethic (Mji & Makgato, 2006). In 2004 a large research project, Constructive Learning Environments or CLES, was conducted using one-thousand-and-sixty-four learners. The study was used to study their internal class situation as well as collect information on the views from the learners on the education practices in the classroom (Aldridhe, Fraser, & Sebela, 2004). On a more positive aspect, the education system has brought around changes (such as assessing opportunities) where the theory is more in line with current information that flows into higher education courses. This should help improve the pass rate at university, college, and so forth. This has allowed for a healthier knowledge upbringing of learners (Ball & Cohen, 1999). The South African Basic Education Council recently stated that they understand the importance of stakeholders in the education system and how the impact of the stakeholders have on the learning impact on the learners, they wish to impact on six factors of education, namely: • “The professionalization of the teaching service • A
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