Teachings of Life Through the River Essay

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My father was always a man of infinite knowledge for those willing to listen. Unbeknownst to him, his knowledge extends beyond what he has to teach. For example, when asked how to clean a fish, he goes through the process in great detail. From where the incision is made to de-scaling the fish, he would always emphasize the care, attention to the smallest detail. With every lesson, the majority of his teachings show how no matter how long the task, any person will always have enough time to finish what they set out to do. As with most aspects of life the same principles apply.
The most memorable time of my life was my father’s ecstatic look when I said I would love to learn how to fly fish. When camping as a child of eight years old, my
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I, of course, had never been given a decision so great nor an opportunity so bold. Seeing that my mouth was stuck in a half opened semi-circle expression, he finally picked a place for me as I was too paralyzed to make my lips move. His words, by far, were much sweeter than any of mine could ever be. In a stern, proud voice, he trumpeted, “Let’s go fly fishing in the Colorado River.” Not sure of what region he meant, my father pointed out on the map The Grand Canyon. I was beside myself with unkempt joy. Of course, the location, by itself was only half of the excitement. My father later elaborated further into details of the trip. He told me we would be camping on the river’s shore for an entire week. Nothing could have prepared me for this journey’s unaltered beauty.
After arriving at the river’s mouth, we promptly shoved off the mucky shore. Against the current, we trekked up the powerful Colorado River, slowly, in our little tin motorboat. Eventually, we landed in a place called Lees Ferry. In the daytime, the only beauty the great canyon had to offer was its monolithic red walls. Towards sunset, the real beauty emerged. The bank of the river slowly started to fill will all kinds of small insects. As each bug lit on the water, a trout appropriately held its own place in the food chain. The river’s edge soon erupted in a cacophony of trout jumping through the surface to retrieve its meal for the evening. Simply
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