Teachnology Makes Life Easier

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Since the beginning of the new century, technology has become the focus of our society. We are continually trying to push barriers of technology for the purpose of making our lives easier. Shattering these barriers have a revolutionized our lifestyle to the point where it has changed the convention methods of communication, and created ways for us to be more efficient in complete the simple task of cleaning our house to the creation of skyscrapers. . One of the great debates of technology is technology changing the way we reason and act, for good or for evil? Technology has given us the ability to reach height-literally, skyscraper sometimes span up to 1000 feet- that was only dream of in the last century, it is ever changing the way we…show more content…
This increase in good has created millions of jobs for Americans. And less the employment rate there is, the more money people have and they willing to spend on more personal computer which has also created 150,000 online jobs. But the increase use of computer in the work is slowly destroying the need for physical labor and the jobs that are orientation to physical labor. It is also decimating the need for jobs such as secretaries. Employer no longer see need for such position when a computer manager his or her meeting and plan the day for them, The rationality of paying a person wages and also paying for health coverage are causing employers to cash in their employees for computer, that is fast, requires no break, obedient, precise and just down right better that a human being. All these excessive time that is being spent behind computer desk typing up research papers, summaries or just simply documenting papers is causing a physical break down of our health, and most of all most users of computers are more like to have a serious back injure due to our excessive use of our so called “advance computer”, and there seems to be no end to it, seeing that most of the

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