Teagan Giannunzio Debate

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Teagan Giannunzio Debate Pro for Cell phones in Schools

Does your school allow you to use your cell phone during school hours? Our topic is about allowing students to use cell phone in school. We should be allowed to use your cell phone whenever and not get in trouble or taken away at school.The other side thinks cell phones cause distraction, bullying, cheating, and drug deals, but there are also great ways to use them like as a learning tool or in case of emergencies.(Schools embrace cell phone use)Allowing students to use cell phones in schools is a great learning tool, and teachers like to use them in their daily routines (Campus Safety Must Be Considered if Cell Phones Are Allowed in Schools). A further reason is that in case of emergency,
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Also there is an increase in communications.(Thomas)Kids are more engaged they are also more motivated to do their work in class.Parents want their children to learn and succeed in school and they will do better if they actually want to do their work and are excited to. In contrast to using phones in schools our opponent might say that cell phones can cause bullying and cheating.Not all bullying is on your phone there is verbal, physical, and relation bullying and cyberbullying is the least common out of all of them says Suzanne Peck. Also to prevent anyone from cheating have everyone put their phones away when taking tests or going over a test or homework just to make sure know one is cheating. These are just a few of the reasons cell phones should not be banned in schools. Indeed, there are downfalls to a cell phones, but they're also good and very useful during school. Like for example in case of emergency, parent wants to check up on their kid, helpful with school work, and lastly electronics are more fun for kids including their own device.If you can't use you cell phone in your school talk to your principal or teachers and state why they should change their mind and maybe you'll change their…show more content…
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