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The most important thing while working in a team is teamwork which is essential factor which can lead to success of the team. The team members should put the team goals in front of personal goals that will lead to team success. There are many things we can learn from working in a team. Some of the essential skills and knowledge we can learn from working in a team are communication skills and leadership skills. Furthermore, since we can learn a lot and develop our knowledge and skills, I enjoy working in a team. I tend to keep notes of every new thing I learn from my team. Actually, one of my goals every week is to learn something new from the team. This is very good for me from a long term perspective and also keeps me sharp. After reading…show more content…
One of the key factors for team success is communication. As a QA/Data Analyst at my current job, I act as a bridge between the technical team and the business. Due to diversity in the team, the team members share different terms and technical language. To achieve the highest efficiency in the team, I translate the needs and requirement of the business to the technical team in the way which they understand. Therefore, I constantly work among both teams and make sure everyone is in clear understanding of the requirements and make sure any changes in the process is captured and made aware of. There have been cases where I face challenges such as having to change my communication style so as to get all the required information and sometimes to motivate other team members. I meet regularly with the team members to ensure completion of the…show more content…
I will concentrate on effective goal setting and planning to help my team effectively execute the self-management team KSAs. In my experience working in a team I have realized these skills are very necessary for the achievement of the project goal. I currently work at OppenheimerFunds, Inc. as a Data Analyst. We follow Agile Methodology where all the team members sit together and discuss the team goals and objectives, available resources and the time duration for the particular goal. In order to achieve highest productivity, we meet daily and update on the status of our tasks. It has been a very good experience for me since I am getting the opportunity to exercise my skills and knowledge and at the same time improve the same by giving some of my insights and getting feedbacks. If I was a leader of the team, I will be actively involved in all the meetings including planning the team goals. In the meeting, we will distribute tasks equally among each other. Furthermore, to make it more effective, I will also focus on maintaining good communication between the team. A good communication is necessary to make sure the team members know about the approach to the project and have clear vision about the required tasks to meet the objective. This enables a team of work effectively and efficiently to meet the particular goal within the given time period. In order to be more efficient in task distribution, I will put me effort
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