Team Analysis Essay

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Contrary to popular belief, volleyball is not an over-glorified version of ‘Don't let the balloon touch the floor’. Volleyball is about teamwork and personalities and skills. You can’t have a good volleyball team without teamwork, the correct personalities, and the correct skills. Volleyball players each have their own specific personality types that help them to excel in whatever position they may be in. Players also each have different mindsets and skills. With the correct combination, these three things can make for an incredible volleyball team. From experience of my own, the libero of the team is usually the commander of the back row. (Ben Solochek 4 2008) “The situation puts them under constant attack from opponents, which makes it necessary for them to have a certain mental toughness and to be able to keep their head in the game.” The libero plays only the back row. She is considered the best passer on the team. When in the back row, she should be the one in control of the other players beside her. She should…show more content…
They are responsible for blocking the hits, and also attacking the ball. These outside hitters must be ready to drop and dig a ball that they attack that has been blocked by the other team. The outside hitters must also be able to move across the net to help the middle block the other team. Dynamic is a word I think describes an outside hitter very well. Not only do outside hitters have to be able to hit and block, when in the back row, they must also be able to dig a ball and make a good pass to the
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