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Team Assessment

Please note that the opinions expressed below are a generalization of the organization. Specific opinions may or may not apply to specific individuals.

The communication between members of the team and me is good/in line with the amount of time I’ve been here. The communication between the team members themselves is good but should be great given how long they’ve been together. The biggest obstacles to better communication are fear of conflict and lack of trust. These obstacles exist to various degrees between the team and all staff levels; between themselves, IT management and senior management.

Some of the lack of trust stems from the behavior of the team in the past and their lack of
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But their history of applying their skills in alignment with industry best practices is lacking. This may be due to their lack of experiences outside of Novus – thus their lack of exposure. They continue to build software in the same fashion as they’ve always done despite the fact that the industry has changed.
Some individuals continue to believe that Novus should build everything from scratch. They believe that you cannot buy a package that would be as good as what they can build. This belief is across the spectrum of software; from complete packages like CRM to low level frameworks that the team uses within their apps. I do not believe that this approach will get Novus to where it needs to be that is cost effective.
Some individuals continue to believe that having technical specialties and technical hierarchies should continue – the “haves” and the “have-nots.” This is a risk for the company in three ways. First, it creates bottlenecks in both directions. If the haves are over allocated, the have-nots are not allowed to help. If the have-nots are over allocated, the haves refuse to help because it’s not their job. Second, the haves spend time creating access points to technologies for the have-nots instead of giving them full access. This time could be used on more valuable initiatives. Lastly, it’s divisive to the team. It doesn’t create the collaborative environment needed.

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