Team B NETW 600 Course Final Project Paper

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Travel Agency, Inc. Table of Contents I. Executive Summary 3 II. Background Definition 3 a) Trends and Projections 4 b) Competition 4 III. Problem Definitions 5 a) Infrastructure 5 1. Cabling 5 2. Disaster Recovery 5 3. Equipment Life Cycles 6 b) Security 6 c) No Internal VoIP 6 d) Inability to Switch to Telecommute Employees 6 e) Turnover Rate 6 f) E-Commerce 6 g) Reducing Infrastructure Costs 7 h) Call-Volume Efficiency 7 IV. Requirements Definition 7 a) Project Goals and Objectives 7 b) Project Assumptions 8 1. Current Configuration of Network 8 2. Data Volumes, Measurements, and Details 9 c) Existing Customer Equipment 10 d) Identification of Business Issues and Requirements 11 e) Budget Requirement 11 V. Network Design 12 a)…show more content…
a) Trends and Projections Today’s on-line travel market is succeeding because the companies are using a more software-centric, online business model termed “E-commerce.” This has become the popular avenue for businesses as it mirrors the ideas of mobility. The sheer amount of data available, coupled with the advanced operating systems and social media platforms, have created new possibilities for E-commerce organizations. The infrastructure of E-commerce has expanded into platforms such as peer-to-peer networking, crowd-sourcing, social websites, and mobile devices and media. E-commerce trends are findings ways to incorporate every aspect of our daily lives into an online package associated with our everyday needs (Fishbein, 2013). Following the invention of Online Transaction Processing (OLTP), primarily used by the airline, banking, and retail industries during the late 1960s, the introduction of E-Commerce progressed towards a global enterprise design which incorporated commerce for web, mobile and the business-to-customer and business-to-business models. Such designs became more useful as they increased the ability to manage and provide powerful tools to aid potential customers with searching, merchandising, master data management, order management, and web content management. Such designs present a great benefit to companies because the platforms make

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