Team Based Health Care Delivery

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Team-Based Health Care Delivery Maria Reodique Grand Canyon University: HCA-515-0101 June 16, 2015 Introduction Health care has evolved and is continuously evolving. The management of care now involves different clinicians to better assess, diagnose and cure a patient. The clinicians evolved from a general practitioner to a team now comprised of Physician’s Assistant, Nurse, License Practical Nurse and Specialists. These health care professionals now compose a team of health care providers that are essential in a patient’s over all health care. The team-based approach is a delivery system that provides a patient an all-encompassing health care delivery system. “ By practicing in a team-based care model, physicians and other…show more content…
The PCP is the main clinician that will be in charge of the patient’s health care delivery. The Nurse meets the patient for doctor’s visit to facilitate initial statistics and medical history for the primary care doctor. There will also be interaction with nurses for visits to the specialty-focused physicians. The Phlebotomist is the person that is trained to draw blood from a patient for clinical or medical testing and in this case, a complete blood panel. The Nutritionist will be involved in lifestyle management protocols to educate the patient on food in take to help lower the LDL numbers and also weight management protocols to help in the lowering of the blood pressure. The Ultrasound technician will facilitate the abdominal ultrasound to produce images of the organs for interpretation. The Radiologist is the physician who interprets images from the ultrasound and transmits these results to the requesting physician, in this case, the Gastroenterologist. The Gastroenterologist is the specialist that deals with the management of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and liver. Since the patient has elevated ALT, the gastroenterologist with the proper training will be able to manage the patient’s chronic Hepatitis B. Indicators and Determinants of Health The indicators and determinants of health that will impact this case are medical history, cultural background, socio-economic background and
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