Team Based Structure Of Team

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Team-based structures have become immensely popular in today’s work world. This is due to an endeavor by companies to restructure and increase efficiency in order to combat an accretion in competition. Teams have their advantages and their drawbacks, just like any other company strategy. Team-based structures are quite engrossing, due to their capability to be utilized by companies in almost any industry. This universal applicability has enabled teams to be structured and utilized in multitudinous ways. Subsequently, companies are still searching and experimenting to find the quintessential structure of work teams. During this ongoing conquest for the ne plus ultra of team-based structures, it is incumbent upon companies to consider the…show more content…
When compared to individual efforts, teams provide a more effective way to utilize employee talents. Furthermore, team-based structures are an effective means for management to democratize companies and increase employee motivation. To illustrate, individuals on teams report higher levels of job satisfaction than other individuals. Also, a work team generates positive synergy through coordinated effort. The team is constructed to be symbiotic in its member interaction. Positive synergy allows organizations to increase performance. In summary, the primary advantages of using team-based structures within an organization are increased employee motivation and a collaboration of diverse knowledge and skills.

With the vast amount of benefits which team-based structures bring to the workplace, there are also disadvantages which come as well. Primarily, the issue which frequents work teams the most is interpersonal disputes. Incidentally, teams in the workplace typically do not manage conflicts well. Oftentimes disputes arise, cooperation stops, and power struggles ensue which leads to lower level performance. These disputes also lead to a decrease in a team’s efficiency with regards to time management. In particular, the storming stage of team formation is the most time wasting. During this stage, team members have not yet learned how to properly employ trust and teamwork. Consequently, this results in increased
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