Team Bio Case Study Essay

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1. Team Bio represents seventy-two biotechnology companies spread across both Pablo and Burford, with the majority of our members residing in Burford. In general we are opposed all government regulations, but specifically those that deal with the agriculture business and pesticide use. We are not opposed to sustainable agriculture and we believe technology based solutions will allow us to protect our interests in our bottom line product No Drink (drought resistant, genetically engineered soy bean plant), as well our auxiliary profitable venture Zine (herbicide). All we care about is promoting biotechnology and pesticides and we communicated early (via email, prior to negotiations) with virtually every group to identify those with goals that do not compromise ours. Our plan was…show more content…
We are generally pleased with the outcome of the debate, however in the eyes of the stakeholders of BIO, we may have agreed to phase out ZIne too quickly. Also we missed the opportunity to convince the other groups that No Drink was a better solution to all water issues. Our thinking was that we needed unrestricted No Drink and Zine use to alleviate poverty in Pablo, use the water saving properties of No Drink to curtail water use, and reinvest money into our controlled biotechnology education programs that would develop more sustainable technology over a more profitable time table. We met all our interests and positions ourselves better for long-term financial growth through more sustainable practices. It is hard to say that we are in a better position because our main threat was EARTH and their boycott would have cost us at least five million dollars. We invested ten million in education alone. Only time will tell if those investments pay off. However there is no doubt that EARTH could have position itself to make us look like the bad guys behind all of the water issues. Moreover the non-negotiable labeling issue was tabled so it is hard to know how successful we really
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