Essay about Team Building And Dealing With Conflict

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Effective teamwork begins with the collaboration of a variety of people from different cultures. Each member has to be courteous to his or her teammates and respect the views of one another. All participants must be willing to share their ideas, but remain open-minded, while listening to others express their ideas and opinions even though they may be different from our own. An open-minded teammate can effectively criticize, critique, or expand through discussion of ideas or views that are presented. The potential of a team depends on the skill, knowledge, and ability of the people in the team, but also on their ability and motivation to make the best use of their resources toward achieving the team purpose (Stevens & Campion, 1994). In…show more content…
Without a doubt, a team must have a common objective, clear roles and goals, and resources (Arnold 1996). A team member is usually chosen based on his or her expertise, qualities, and what he or she can provide the team. Selecting the right team member is important because you always want someone who is reliable and someone who has good ideas and suggestions that can be brought to the group. A team member that can work well within a group and that does not get offended easily, for instance if their idea is not used, even if it was a very good one, is an effective team member. Supporting the team is very important and is usually what helps keep a team together. Always be open-minded and ready to listen to someone else's ideas not just your own. All team members should not only support each other, but also each other’s ideas. This also leads to opportunities for the whole team. Providing opportunities for development is an important aspect in a successful team. Always talk among the group about any issues. If the problems are out in the open they can be taken care of. This will also help in future issues. Conflict is a "state of disharmony brought about by differences of impulses, desires, or tendencies" (Rayeski & Bryant, 1994). Although many people and organizations view conflict as an activity that is usually negative and should be avoided, conflict is a natural result of people working
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